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Common Pillbug
Common Pillbug
Armadillidium vulgare, Armadillidiidae
Maplewood Conservation Area, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Nikon D5100, 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6
April 28, 2013

I took this photo of a Common Pillbug last week during a short trip out to Maplewood Conservation Area (I’m returning there with Sean today so look for full field notes soon). The common pillbug is native to Europe but is cosmopolitan in its distribution being perhaps the best known terrestrial isopod. It is perhaps best known for its defensive posture where it rolls itself into a tight ball resembling a pill. This shot also shows off the versatility of Nikon’s 18-55 mm VR DX kit lens. While is doesn’t give true macro (maximum reproduction ratio 1:3.2) this lens can switch easily from a wide landscape to a close up of a flower. It’s perhaps my favorite lens for plant photography as a prefer the close working distance of this lens compared with my 105 mm Macro.

  • Sean McCann May 5, 2013, 10:41 am

    Nice composition! This would look good hanging on a wall!


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