Photo of the Week – Star Photography

Long Beach Starscape
Long Beach Starscape
Green Point Campground, Pacific Rim National
Park Reserve, British Columbia, Canada
Nikon D5100, 35 mm f/1.8
f/1.8, 30.0 sec, ISO 800, no flash
September 20, 2014

While Sara and I were staying and Green Point, I took advantage of the dark skies (lack of light pollution) to try my hand at some star photography. This photo captures parts of the constellations Perseus, Auriga, and Camelopardalis in the middle right, lower left, and upper left respectively. The bright star in the lower left is Capella, the third brightest star (its actually a system of 4 stars) in the northern sky.

I’m pleased with the results but it took a lot of trial and error to get the exposure right and get the lens focused to infinity. Not being familiar with 500 rule at the time, I need to tweak my settings to avoid the startrails that are visible when you zoom in on this photo. If I was to take this shot again I would shoot this with my wider but slower kit lens using a faster shutter speed and higher ISO to avoid the trails. I also learned how important post-processing is for getting astro-photographs to pop. Without the adjustments the images look dull and a bit orange (you can hover your mouse to show the unprocessed image)

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