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Boundary Bay Sunset
Boundary Bay Sunset
Boundary Bay Dyke Trail, Delta, British Columbia, Canada
Nikon D5100, 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.6
August 22, 2013

I haven’t been out shooting much lately. What outings I have taken lately have been out to Boundary Bay in search of migrating shorebirds. While these trips have yielded some good sightings, my timing in regards to the tides hasn’t been the best. It seems I never catch the rising tide and I always arrive after the mudflats have flooded, driving off the flocks of shorebirds. While I have seen plenty of shorebirds they have all been too distant for photography. As a result my camera has been dangling at my side without getting much use. After missing the tide again I spent some time near the Mansion on Boundary Bay. I turned back towards the car as the daylight finally died and I was finally able to put my camera to good use. With the recent reports of Red Knots, it seems I’ll likely be spending another evening or two out at Boundary Bay.

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