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Western Sandpiper
Western Sandpiper
Calidris mauri, Scolopacidae
Iona Beach Regional Park, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Nikon D5100, 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.6
May 10, 2013

Last Friday evening I tried unsuccessfully to locate the Common Terns and Parasitic Jaegers that had been reported from Iona Island’s South Jetty. I walked the entire 4 km to the end of the jetty searching for these birds. The weather was sunny and calm making and the tides so I was surrounded by a glassy sea surface during my walk. While I missed the Terns and Jaegers I did manage to get great close up views of both Dunlin and Western Sandpipers like the one shown above. You can see more photos from Iona Island here.

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