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Sara's New Dress
Sara’s New Dress
Cameron, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Nikon D5100, 35 mm f/1.8
April 14, 2013

With this weeks photo I’m going to showcase my photography of an actual living breathing human. It’s a departure I know but since I often mention my lovely wife in my posts I though it was high time that I put up a photo. This is one of my favorite recent shots of Sara because of her cute expression. I took this at her bequest so she could show off her new dress from New World Design. Those of you who are friends with Sara on facebook probably recognize this as her current profile picture. The photo also features our “wedding cake” painted by Sara’s longtime friend, photographer and artist Linda McNaull. I used my 35 mm f/1.8 to take this shot in our somehow simultaneously bright and dim apartment. The 35 mm f/1.8 is a fast fixed lens that I love for shooting indoors especially at the aquarium

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