New Design for My Photo Galleries

After a bunch fiddling with plugin settings and CSS, I’m ready to unveil my new justified design for my photo galleries. Before you give me too much credit, the actual layout is all generated by the Flickr Justified Gallery plugin. I’m really happy with these new galleries look and how they make efficient use of the available space.

I still have some reservations with this new plugin though. The biggest being the lack of response to questions in the plugin’s support forum. The support for photo descriptions is also not great. The key to getting description to work for me was switching to the alternative version of phpFlickr in the plugin settings. I wish the line breaks didn’t get lost but that is a relatively minor issue. One other concern I had was that when a lightbox is enabled there is no link back to Flickr, which is a violation of their community guidelines

I really prefer the great support and customization offered by Slickr Flickr, I just wish they offered some sort of a justified gallery layout. Looks like this feature might be in development so I live in hope..

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